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Predict model for hotspot identification in Vietnam
  1. T A Trinh*
  1. Correspondence Vietnam Aviation Academy, 104, Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan district, Hochiminh city 0084, Vietnam


Road traffic accidents have become a leading cause of accidental death in Vietnam today, especially in Hochiminh city which is the biggest city. It is revealing that number of accident was not distributed in a whole road network but focus on specific points of the network which may be called black spot or hotspot. The paper aimed to develop, to examine and to apply a predict model for identifying hotspot with regarding to the road network, the traffic flow information characteristic and traffic accident data of Hochiminh city. Number, type, time and location of traffic accident would be collected following kind of road and intersection in early 5 year. The research outputs were build an appropriate model to predict black spot or hotspot in each kind of road and intersection and to propose some measures for increasing traffic safety level and preventing implicit traffic accidents. Besides that, There are not only number of traffic accident but also the detail and potential traffic accident reasons to be find very clearly. Hence, they will be very helpful for decision making of the local governor and the relative authorities to reduce road traffic accident in future. The research found a new approach to identify and predict hotspot and high accident locations in Hochiminh city by a predict model that have not mentioned in Vietnam.

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