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Demography of patients presenting to the provincial Otorhinolaryngology unit following assault over Head and neck in North Central Sri Lanka
  1. M W Zaffarullah*,
  2. H M A H Karunaratne
  1. Correspondence Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura, 66,Dhammadassi Mawatha, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka


The purpose of the study was to describe the injury pattern of assault over head and neck and to identify the factors associated with those assaults. Prospective Study on 144 patients presenting to ENT ward following assault over Head and neck for a period of 5 months. Data collected using interviewer administered questionnaires, clinical examination and investigation findings. The mean age of the victims was 29.25 years and 63.9 % were males. The commonest area that was assaulted were ears (80.6%), followed by nose (22%), scalp (11%), cheeks (8.3%), eyes (5.6%), neck (5.6%) 83.3% of victims were assaulted with hand, 16.7% with a blunt object and 2.8% with a sharp object. 94.4 % of the assailants were males, 94.4 % were known to the victim, 86.1% were single assailants and 60% were under the influence of alcohol. Personal disputes were the cause in 47.2% of assaults, followed by Domestic violence (25%) and occupation related assaults (25%). 30.6% of the study population refused any legal action against the assailants. 22.2% f the victims had history of previous assaults.

Conclusion Assailants had male preponderance and were known to victim in most cases. Ears were the most affected. Major cause for assault was personal disputes. Closer liaison with police, social services and general practitioners will help prevent further attacks.

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