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Traffic regulation learning course for guilty drivers: the future safety drivers
  1. A Amornpetchsathaporn*
  1. Correspondence Sawanpracharak Hospital, Atthakawee Road, Paknampho Muang Nakhonsawan 60000, Thailand


Background In Thailand; road traffic accident is one of the most important causes of injuries and deaths. Its easy to get diver license without driving skill and knowledge and there are small number of driver teaching schools, most of drivers learnt and gained experience from daily driving. Nakhonsawan provincial committee of road traffic accident prevention introduced a pilot project of learning course for new guilty drivers in every district since September 2009.The purpose is to teach drivers of knowledge and skill of safety driving and to decrease the number of injuries and deaths from road traffic accident.

Method Nakhonsawan policemen set a law-enforcement check point units at main streets and law-enforcement patrol unit in municipal area day and night time. Drivers must be inspected and were given a ticket for illegal driving, if it was not drunken driving and the first time they could choose to pay or come to take a 2 h of traffic regulation learning course which was organised every Wednesday at district police stations in 1 week.

Result The 520 out of 19 791 guilty drivers; 2.63% only came to take the course in the first 3 month of these project. Most of them were satisfied and felt of getting more confidence in safety driving.

Discussion The majority of guilty drivers chose to pay because they were busy and didn't have time to return to police station, they should be advised and conducted to the course with more incentive.

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