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Lean Six Sigma innovative safety performance management
  1. P G Furst*
  1. Correspondence Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 12657 Alcosta Bulevard San Ramon, CA 94583, USA


Six Sigma is a widely used data driven, quality improvement process. Manufacturing uses a discipline called Lean to focus on process speed & efficiency. Lean Six Sigma combines the best of these two processes. It combines the use of data to drive improvement as well as streamlining internal processes & procedures to maximise efficiency. Lean six sigma has another major advantage, it provides management data driven information to effectively manage the ES&H aspect of the business. This information can be used to set achievable as well as realistic goal & objectives, measure progress towards these goals, develop talent, & effectively drive organisational behaviour.

The foundation of Lean Six Sigma is facts, data & information. The three key elements of Lean Six Sigma are customer focus, internal processes & the organisations staff. Each element is supported by two pillars. The customer focus element has speed & quality internal processes element has flow & variation control, &the people element has teamwork & learning as its pillars. This results in 360° integration & alignment.

One needs the creativity of the people, working on the internal processes with data & understanding to create solutions that will delight the customer by meeting and exceeding its expectations.

Applying Lean Six Sigma thinking to safety has tremendous possibility & potential. It can become a framework to drive safety performance by seamlessly integrating safety procedures into internal processes, using 360° relevant information to create integrates solutions that meet the needs of all the stakeholders while meeting or exceeding both the organisational goals & customer expectations.

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