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Sexual violence against children and adolescents: importance of interview medical-legal
  1. S L Barbosa de Souza,
  2. M C Maia e Silva*
  1. Correspondence Prefeirtura do Recife, Rua Major Codeceira, 194, Santo Amaro – Recife/PE, 50100-070, Brazil


Introduction Sexual violence against children and adolescents, due to their physical, emotional, cognitive and social, has become recognised in recent decades as a public health problem. However, its diagnosis is considered a difficult task, because not always the physical signs of their occurrence are evident. The forensic interview is a feature whereby the personal history and clinical and behavioural changes of the victim are valued in the entire peer review, assisting in the elucidation of cases in which no physical evidence found.

Objective This study investigated the interview forensic as an additional tool to physical examination expert in identifying sexual violence against children and adolescents at Institute of Forensic Medicine, Recife.

Method Exploratory, descriptive study conducted from November 2008 to March 2009. Were interviewed 22 forensics doctors, using a questionnaire to investigate clinical and legal aspects of the sexological exam of children and adolescents.

Results The analysis revealed that 100% of medical examiners conduct interviews with victims, based on clinical experience gained in working life, without using a specific protocol for management of children and adolescents.

Conclusion The absence of an interview protocol for medico-legal approach to child and adolescent victims of sexual violence is reflected in the reports of the sexological examination, which prioritise the physical evidence rather than behavioural change, recognised in the scientific literature as related consequences sexual violence. It is necessary to investigate and propose procedures and routines for the care of victims, their families and early intervention programs.

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