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Alcohol related injury risk behaviors and associated factors among adolescents in Korea
  1. N Park*
  1. Correspondence Hyupsung University, #14, Sang ri, Bong Dam eup, Hwaseong city, Gyunggi province, 445-745, Korea, Republic of


Introduction Injury is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity among adolescent and alcohol is considered as major risk factor of injury. The alcohol related risk taking behaviour in adolescents are strong positive relations with exposure on injury, violence and crime etc. The objective of this study is to identify the associated factors of injury related risk taking behaviours due to alcohol among middle and high school students in Korea.

Methods The data for analysis is from the Korean youth risk behaviour which is school-based national surveys. The sampling was implemented by multi-stage stratification. One class in each grade was selected as sample class in sample school. All students in sample class were surveyed. The descriptive analysis and multivariate Logistic regression were used to examine the associations between influencing factors of injury risk behaviour due to alcohol.

Results The students who had experience of thinking on suicide, early exposure on alcohol and tobacco, feeling on stress, low socioeconomic status on parents, grade, low school performance and gender are higher on risky behaviours (p<0.05). And Also students who binge drinkers were more than to involve to other injury risk behaviours such as riding with a driver who had been drinking, being a victim of violence etc.

Discussion and conclusion The more effective and tailored interventions which is considered these associated factors need to develop in school settings and should strengthen to educate for injury prevention program including alcohol prevention from early stage in life.

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