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Epidemiology of childhood unintentional injury in metropolitan city Dhaka
  1. M D Kamran ul Baset*,
  2. A K M Fazlur Rahman,
  3. A Rahman,
  4. S M R Mashreky,
  5. S Shafinaz
  1. Correspondence Centre for Child and Adolescent Health, University of the West of England, University of the West of England Centre for Child and Adolescent Health Hampton House Cotham Hill Bristol, BS6 6JS, United Kingdom


Introduction There is a growing consensus in the international health community that injury is a leading cause of death and disability throughout the world. The recent epidemiological transition showed growing proportion of child deaths due to injuries from 9% of all deaths in 1983 to 53% in 2000 in Bangladesh.

Objective Find out the magnitude and risk factors of childhood unintentional injury in a metropolitan city Dhaka.

Methodology A cross sectional study conducted to determine the current childhood unintentional injury situation in Dhaka.

Result The survey conducted in 38901 households comprising of 160 064 populations. A total number of deaths were 715 in last 1 year. Out of them injury death is 43. Injury mortality among 1–17 years children 25 per 100 000/year. In children of 10–14 years age, the rate of injury mortality was higher than others. The rate is higher among the males than the females. Among children, drowning accounted for 50% of all injury deaths. Fall and burn were the 10.3% and 7.7% cause of injury death respectively. 16 908 persons were identified who were suffering from illness among them, 2188 persons were ill due to injury. About 13% children suffered illness due to injury. The major cause of illness due to injury was fall (432.6 per 10 00 00 population). There are widespread injury risks and hazards like poisonous substance, sharp cutting instrument, fire, water reservoir etc with in the residence premises.

Conclusion Injury prevention efforts should focus in urban area for safety of the children.

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