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Data collection and analysis of consumer product related child injuries in Israel
  1. R Mike-Doron*,
  2. A Epel,
  3. M Oppenheim,
  4. L Endy-Findling
  1. Correspondence Beterem - Safe Kids, Israel - The National Center for Children's Safety and Health, 18 Hasivim Street, P.O.B 7050 Petach-Tikva 49170, Israel


Background Each year children in Israel are injured due to a variety of consumer products. The current data sources in Israel do not provide systematic information on consumer product related child injuries. Beterem- Safe Kids Israel initiated the National Pediatric Injury & Safety Surveillance (NAPIS) program to collect and analyse data from multiple sources. As of January 2007, Beterem conducts systematic quantitative and qualitative analyses of consumer product related child injury events for the Ministry of Industry, trade and labour.

Methods The data on consumer product related child injuries in the years 2006-2008 was compiled from three Beterem databases: (1) bedside counselling and Injury Data Collection with Families of hospitalised Children – database of intake data on injury events. (2) Database of Child Injury Incidents from the Media systematic information on child injuries as publicised in the media. (3) Safety Experts' Telephone Hotline database based on contacts to the hotline.

Results Data for 3 years includes: from the counselling database, 1591 consumer product related injury events, involving 220 products, of which 41 products represented 80% of the injury events; from the media database, 661 cases involving 190 products; and over 40 additional cases via the hotline. Detailed information and a narrative summary on consumer product related child injuries includes analysis of the types of injury, causes and locations of incidents, product group, model and manufacturer. The information is provided to policy makers and serves as the basis for changes in standardisation of consumer products in Israel.

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