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Reinventing the organisation to effectively manage safety performance
  1. P G Furst*
  1. Correspondence Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 12657 Alcosta Bulevard San Ramon, CA 94583, USA


  1. Understand the performance barriers created by some of the myths and wrongheaded beliefs practiced in safety.

  2. Acknowledge the impact on performance resulting from silos, system misalignment and process design.

  3. Appreciate the affect of decision making and human error and metrics on performance.

  4. Create a business driven, organisational aligning and stakeholder focused excellence fostering framework.

This is a 21st century, excellence driven, business focused approach to addressing challenges in the safety management process. We will start with an understanding of myths in safety that hinder performance. Organisational systems, structure and silos that create barriers to excellence. Decisions making and human errors that adversely influence safety outcomes. We will start by devising a vision and goals for excellence, Discuss the effects of leadership, win / win thinking, empathic communication, & continuous improvement, which are the basic principles that aligned with sound business practices will create the basis for a highly effective approach to managing the safety process. Attendee will take away a deeper understanding of core drivers of loss as well as tools & techniques to utilise upon returning to their firms so as to create a culture and environment that fosters preventions and sustains excellence.

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