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Peculiarity of road traffic in Azerbaijan
  1. R Talishinskiy*
  1. Correspondence Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, A.Sakhat 32, Baku, AZ 1007, Azerbaijan


There is a global problem associated with crisis in road safety and transport.

My country has the same symptoms of global disease. There are few local programs of different departments. Statistic, available data and analysis of situation demonstrated increase of mortality and injuries as result of traffic crushes. There were more than 1000 dead in traffic accidents in Azerbaijan each year.

It is fact is that transport is often considered economically more important that health/environment issues in some kind of countries. Also the interest of pedestrians and cyclists are generally less taken in consideration against interest of car drivers and bus traffic.

Crash epidemic culminate critical level. It is determinate by increasing of population, number of vehicles, imperfection of traffic infrastructure, human factor etc. Human factor includes drink-driving, ignoring of usage of seat-belt and the sense of fatalism.

Many specialists consider that intersections are the transportation system element most susceptible to traffic crashes and injuries. Crashes occur at intersections, and percentage is higher for urban areas.

Decision of problem is local. There are a few project of improvement of road infrastructure. Authority tries to create some traffic strategy program. Realisation of this strategy will request well coordinated work of different sectors and departments.

My country successfully participated in WHO project Global Status Report on Road Safety (GSRRS) in 2008. GSRRS helped us to develop a tool that will help my country access situation on traffic sphere. Realisation of GSRRS really stimulates road safety activities.

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