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School injuries: a descriptive survey in Belgium
  1. C Senterre*,
  2. M Dramaix,
  3. A Leveque
  1. Correspondence Departement de Biostatistique, Ecole de sante Publique, Universite Libre de bruxelles, Route de Lennik 808 CP 598 1070 Bruxelles, 1070, Belgium


It is known that school injuries are still occupy an important part of morbidity in young, although these accidents are predictable and targeted preventive measures can be implemented. In order to identify predictors of school injuries, we conducted a study on the basis of accidents declarations. The main objectives are to investigate (1) the relations between school grades, sex, injuries places and mechanisms, parts of the body injured, and types of lesions observed and (2) the injuries predictors of the head and of the limbs. In the logistic model, sex and school grades remain significantly associated with heads injuries. Risk was higher in boys, in lower grades and when there is a contact with someone or something. For the upper and the lower limbs, the logistic model shows also that sex and school grades remain significantly associated with this type of injuries. Risk was higher in girls, in latest grades and when there is a movement. Although, the association between injury and place of injury is not significant, the sport is the injuries place the most at risk. This study, based on secondary analysis of routine data collected by insurance companies for other finalities, has allowed us to better document the problematic of school injuries. Furthermore, multivariable analysis of the injuries predictors related to a specific anatomic part of the body gives important indications for the implementation of preventive strategies.

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