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Road accident causes among truck drivers: a multicentric study
  1. C Orsi*,
  2. A Morandi,
  3. A Marinoni
  1. Correspondence Centre of Study and Research on Road Safety, University of Pavia, Via A. Bassi, 21 Pavia 27100, Italy


Few studies are available regarding accidents involving trucks and even less is known about the cause. To fill in this lack of knowledge, we performed an analysis in order to identify the main causes of accidents involving trucks, using data obtained form European Truck Accident Causation a research conducted across France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and The Netherlands. Accidents involving at least one truck and one injured person have been investigated. Data collection started on April 2004 and finished on September 2006. Accidents were collected from sample areas representative of the national truck accident situation. The first investigation was on the spot of the accident as quickly as possible; if necessary, investigators investigated again the accident. Parameters on infrastructure, vehicles and people involved were evaluated. In total, 624 accidents have been investigated. The majority of truck drivers was professional drivers (97.0%) involved in the accident while working (86.8%). In 91.7% of cases the main accident cause is linked to human factors. The main cause varied according to the accident configuration. In accidents at intersection was the failure to observe road rules; in accidents in queue or during an overtaking manoeuvre was inattention; for accidents due to a lane departure were non-adapted speed and improper manoeuvre when turning; for single-vehicle accidents was overfatigue/falling asleep. This information can be used to give guidance to policy and decision makers for future action which can contribute to the improvement of road and occupational safety.

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