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Successful outcome of an abandoned baby infested with maggots
  1. O O Adesiyun,
  2. M A N Adeboye,
  3. A O Saka,
  4. M B Abdulkadir,
  5. A G Y Oloko,
  6. R I Lawal,
  7. O S Mokuolu*,
  8. S S Mohammed,
  9. G M David
  1. Correspondence Paediatrics Department[NICU], University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Maternity Hospital Wing Amilegbe, Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria 234, Nigeria


Child abandonment, which is a form of child abuse, is a common happening in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Other forms of child abuse include physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. Some babies are sighted abandoned in gutters, by the riverside, on debris, or in pit latrine! Most of these babies are products of unwanted pregnancies which are usually from early sex. Abandoned babies generate enormous interest but very little academic or systematic study. The psychological state of these mothers is not studied because access to them is restricted or unavailable. However, Finders are usually emotionally moved. Pregnancy, though a physiologic state, is associated with a lot of risks such as haemorrhage, pregnancy induced hypertension or death from various complications of pregnancy and delivery. Considering the risks associated with pregnancy, its supposed to be difficult for a mother, after carrying a baby to term, to dump her newborn baby. Against this background, we hereby present a successful outcome of a nearly 4/7 old term female neonate found in a polythene bag already infested with maggots with decaying placenta. The baby was successfully managed and discharged to the Ministry of Social Welfare.

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