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Operation of a child injury prevention program in connection with local medical institutes: Safety Doctor
  1. I Kim,
  2. C Ryu,
  3. I Choi*,
  4. H Ham,
  5. E Shin
  1. Correspondence Songpa District Office, #326 Olympic-road, Songpa District, Seoul 138–702, South Korea


Objectives This program is designed to designate a dedicated doctor for each childcare facility, together with local medical institutes, childcare facilities and the public health centre. It also involves medical institutes providing various safety education for injury treatment and prevention, thereby performing a pivotal role in the local community's safety network aimed at reducing infant injury occurrence at daycare facilities.

Method For project implementation, the Songpa District Office, Songpa Health Office, Songpa District Medical Association and Childcare Facility Association concluded an agreement on mutual cooperation, and chose medical institutes and childcare facilities that wanted to voluntarily participate in the project. Safety doctors conduct regular health checkups for infants at childcare facilities, provide education on injury prevention to teachers, provide advice on measures that should be taken in the event of an injury, and also provide first aid. The medical institutes display safety products, promotional materials and booklets in the waiting room. They thus operate a ‘local safety centre’ that provides information on the health and safety of children to their parents who are visiting the hospital.

Results and conclusion In January 2010, a connection was made between 261 childcare facilities and 69 safety doctors. Children at childcare facilities are actively receiving health checkups and safety education. There are reported cases of injury prevention activities and immediate measures taken in the event of emergency situations. In addition. there is an increased level of satisfaction among childcare facilities and parents towards the safety doctor program.

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