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Present status and problems of traffic injuries in China
  1. J Zhou*,
  2. J Qiu,
  3. L Zhang,
  4. Z Wang,
  5. S Wang
  1. Correspondence Institute for Traffic Medicine, Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University, No.10.Changjiangzhilu, Daping, Chongqing 400042, China


According data provided by China Traffic Management Bureau showed that the traffic crashes and traffic injuries were triumphantly controlled and decreased remarkably year by year since 2003, as suggests that the safety precautions have gotten great durative effects and have gotten a lot of successful experiences after China Road Traffic Safety Act brought into effect in 2004. We have carried out some in-depth investigation to some areas of China and found that China traffic safety situation was still not as good as the announcement data. Although number and the casualties of traffic crashes have not continued to increase rapidly again, but the number of traffic crashes still maintained at a high level. Through careful comparison, the author found that China's current traffic and traffic injuries in the calculation of statistics and reporting requirements and mechanisms were different from the international's, which has led to the huge differences, and that is disadvantage for the Chinese transportation injury's prevention and the control. This article has carried on the analysis discussion on these data and the problems

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