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Interdisciplinary attention program for women victims of violence older than 14 years old prevention of lesions – Developed in Mar del Plata-Argentina 2003–2008 sexual violence and its consequences
  1. M G Galeano*,
  2. L Martinez,
  3. E Coronel
  1. Correspondence Instituto Nacional deEpidemiologia, Ituzaingo 3520-Mar del Plata 7600, Argentina


It is a personal, social and political problem. It destroys the life of millions of people and it affects to the group of the society. Being tolerated, denounced, according to social and cultural norms. It is a material or symbolic attack that affects the freedom and dignity, it produces effects to short and long term, in the physical and psychic integrity of people.

Objective To improve the assistance by means of the development of norms and strategies for the integral attention of the different sectors interveners.

Results It was conformed a Committee to assist and create a network for the victims in the area of General Pueyrredn. A Manual of Strategies of Attention, Prevention and an algorithm was made to be followed by the different institutions interveners: Judicial, Police and Health Systems. Programs were coordinated by INE. Trained: 300 professionals. 282 women were attended during the period 2003–2008. Age average: 24, medium 21 years old. An Epidemic Surveillance System, mapping cases, is ongoing. The victims' perception: Nuclear Family: behold. Health: grateful for assistance given and ulterior follow-up. Judicial System: the discomfort of results, (70%).

Impact Not wanted pregnancies have been observed neither HIV infections. Serial rapists arrested. Decrease of cases.

Conclusion The network created by the committee starts at the moment of the victims complain at the police station, it is given immediate antiretroviral treatment by forensic physicians, assisting the victim. Enabling epidemiological surveillance, manual and norms writing as well as interdisciplinary training.

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