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Implementing a holiday cooking-related burn injury prevention program: don't get burned by the bird
  1. J Shupp*,
  2. J Woods,
  3. K Hollowed,
  4. L Ammons,
  5. A Pavlovich
  1. Correspondence The Burn Center, Washington Hospital Center, 110 Irving Street, NW Room 3B-55, Washington DC 20010, USA


Grease burns and other cooking related injuries have an especially high incidence around the November/December holiday season. A study done in 2004 at our Burn Center showed that the incidence of cooking related burns was 41.1% higher during the week of the Thanksgiving Holiday compared to surrounding weeks. The Burn Center at Washington Hospital Center in partnership with the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation set out to create a 2 prong approach to attempt to prevent these cooking related burns. First a prevention video was created outlining the proper handling of disposable aluminium pans often used for cooking turkeys. The video was posted on YouTube and email blasted to all members of the hospital staff. Second, a flier was created to be handed out at all Burn Outreach and Education events. This flier entitled Dont get Burned by the Bird featured a picture of a turkey standing in a pan of spilling grease. It included instructions for the safe handling of pans while cooking. The video received 159 views on YouTube and the flier has been passed out at numerous Burn Outreach and Education Events. Data collection is ongoing concerning the effect these measures have had on prevention of cooking burns. This year, after implementation of this program there was a reduction in grease burns. Further data collection is ongoing.

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