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How to prevent suicide events at the community level
  1. J Pil Cho,
  2. B Henriksson,
  3. L G Horte,
  4. J Beskow,
  5. J Osorno,
  6. L Svanström*
  1. Correspondence Dept Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institute, Division Social Medicine, Norrbacka 2nd floor Stockholm SE-171 76, Sweden


How to prevent suicide events at the community level. To be delivered as a panel presentation and discussion during the 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, London, UK. Chaired by Professor Leif Svanstrom, WHO CC on Comm Safety Promotion.

Background The Safe Community movement has spent 35 years developing local prevention of accidents, 15–20 years to prevent injuries caused by violence and a decade or so trying to meet the expectations of communities facing a growing problem of preventing suicidal episodes.

Panel participants Dr Choung Ah Lee, MD, S Korea: The role of hospital and emergency departments in suicide prevention; Professor Lars-Gunnar Horte, Sweden: How common are suicidal events? Epidemiological issues; Professor Jan Beskow, Sweden: Accidents and Suicide attempts- two sides of the same coin? Professor Leif Svanstrom, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden: The role of the International Safe Community Movement in preventing suicidal events.

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