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The new trend of risky groups on all roads in Thailand, 2009
  1. N Waiyanate*,
  2. T Taekarthonk
  1. Correspondence Asian Institube of technology (AIT), P O Box 4, Klong 1, Klong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand


The retrospective self-report survey on the behavioural of teenagers students. It was desirable to interview rider as soon as possible after they have an experience to motorcycle use. The study collected some information's about the amount and variety of learning process, riding experience before during and after licensing process, experience in accident and injuries.

Findings Totally, 1238 students 58.35% male. The minimum age of the first riding is 7 years old. The mean of age in the first riding group is 12.86 years old and 75% of them training rider skill on all roads. The normal rider age less than 15 years old use motorcycle in daily lives and most of them without motorcycle license. The traffic knowledge in normal school isn't available no pattern of course. The patterns of riding skill 56.9 % learn by their parents 35.8% learn by themselves 4.8% learn by friends 2.65% learn by professionals from driving school. The experience in accident and injury are smallest in rider who learns by professionals in a safety driving school. The first training is significant that associate with the motorcycle rider behaviour. Who learn by themselves or by their friends which the first training age less than 15 years old are a risky group in both male and female rider.

Conclusion The government should pay more attention to develop the process of a safety rider skill. Safety driving school should be a compulsory program for the first rider.

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