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Accompanied driving from age 17 practical feasibility of a new scheme for young drivers in Germany
  1. W Funk*
  1. Correspondence Institute For Empirical Sociology at University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Marienstrasse 2 D-90402, Nuremberg, Germany


Results from the process evaluation of a pilot scheme conducted throughout Germany will be presented. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine how teenage novice drivers and the persons accompanying them handle accompanied driving in their daily lives. 3780 teenagers were interviewed (online or by paper-pencil) up to four times throughout the pilot scheme, that is, from starting accompanied driving to obtaining a regular driving licence at the age of 18. 1735 persons accompanying the novice drivers were also questioned once. The participants obtained their driving licence 5 months after their 17th birthday on average. The teenagers key motivation was their wish to drive a car as early as possible. Safety and practical aspects also played a major role. Most novice drivers were accompanied by their parents. Their main motives were to help the children get started driving, practical aspects and safety considerations. On days with accompanied driving, the participants average daily median mileage was 24.0 km (arithmetic mean: 32.4 km). On average, all participants covered a projected monthly mileage of 318.5 km (median value: 260.4 km). For novice drivers participating in the study over the entire maximum accompanied-driving phase, the projected 12-month mileage was approximately 3800 km. To further explore the exposure while participating in the pilot scheme, indicators for the novice drivers trip duration will be presented. Information on the subjective perception of the increase in driving experience in the accompanied driving period will be presented. Conclusions for further improvements in the model will be drawn.

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