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An epidemiological investigation and analysis on its influence factors of campus violence on secondary schools in China
  1. G Chi*,
  2. H Chen,
  3. S Wang
  1. Correspondence Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Medical College of Jinan University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510632, China


Objective To explore the incidence and influence factors of campus violence in secondary school by the epidemiological investigation.

Methods Secondary students in Guangzhou city were selected to participate in the study and were interviewed with questionnaires by the cluster sample. Logistic regression was used for data analysis.

Results In the past 1 year, the incidence rate of campus violence was 40.8% in 1064 secondary students, 49.7% of the male and 29.6% of the female, respectively, there were statistical differences between that of males and females (χ2=43.75, p=0.000). The incidence rate of campus violence of the junior and senior students had statistical differences (χ2=25.25, p=0.000). Among Secondary students who were victims of campus violence, smoking, visiting resort, suffer from family violence, loafing, lack of pocket money and higher education of his mother were the influence factors (OR were 3.83, 2.05, 1.93, 1.60, 1.35, 1.20), and who were perpetrators of campus violence, their influence factors were truancy, smoking, loafing, normal behaviour who think bully, bad family relation and higher education of his mother (OR were 3.32, 2.61, 2.22, 2.06, 1.27, 1.23).

Conclusions Violence among secondary school students in Guangzhou city was serious, effective measure must be taken by the school and society.

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