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Effect of a local ban of a restriction in the number of hours to expend liquors in relation with violence during 2005–2008 in one District of Lima, Per
  1. H Malaga*,
  2. M Gonzalez,
  3. C Huaco,
  4. M Sotelo
  1. Correspondence Comite de Expertos del Programa de Investigacion en Accidentes de Transito.NIH,Per, Precursores 511 Dpto.102.Urb.Valle Hermoso,Surco,Lima,Per, Lima 331, Peru


Background The most violent area in Lima City was La Victoria,to control it, the local government restrict the hours of expenditure of alcoholic beverage.

Objective To compare one district with the law, against other without the law.

Material and methods To analysed results clinical histories of one Hospital (2006 vs 2007–2008) and necropsies (2005–2006 vs 2007–2008) from La Victoria and Cercado de Lima were used.

Results In La Victoria, occurs a reduction of aggressions of 40.7% and 36.4% in 2007 and 2008, in relation to 2006 (p≤0.014). This negative tendency in aggressions, is related with the ban Y=−11.25+27.32X (p≤0.02). This occurs mainly in young males victims by quarter and weekends. The homicides diminish 44% (p≤0.0186) and 35% of the suicides. The reduction of homicides happens in three quarters, Sundays and weekends, and with suicides at the second semester. The ratio female/man in homicides changes from 1 in 7.3 to 1 in 4.6. There was a significant increase of alcohol in death bodies from 20.3 to 41.5%, RR=2.03 (95% CI 1.09 to 3.8) and a X2=5.24 (p≤0.022). In El Cercado there were no changes. Homicides occurs mainly in single men, of low level of education.

Conclusions The ban has a probably impact reducing violence. The relative increase of homicides with alcohol could be linked to the reduction of just the impremeditated violence.

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