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Injury surveillance system in Vietnam
  1. L T T Ngoc*,
  2. T L H Nguyen
  1. Correspondence General Department of Preventive Medicine and Environment, MOH, Alley 135 Nui Truc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi city, Vietnam


Background Injury surveillance system was set up in 2005 in Vietnam.

Objectives To assess injury burden in Vietnam.

Design and Subjects Periodic injury reports of 63 provinces/cities, road traffic injury (RTI) reports of 100 central and provincial hospitals, injury report of different ministries.

Results In comparison to 6 months of 2008, in 6 months of 2009 injury cases increased 26.112 cases, death cases reduced by 0.3%. The 20–60 group had the highest proportions of injury morbidity and mortality (62.9% and 70.8%). Injury morbidity and mortality were higher among male than female. Road traffic accident was the leading cause of injury morbidity (39%), followed by occupational accident (15.3%), fall (11.6%) and violence (7.7%). In comparison with 6 months of 2008, road traffic injury morbidity and mortality decreased by 2.1% and 0.9%, respectively. RTI accounted for 33.5% of hospitalised injury cases. Brain injury among RTI accounted for 24.3% and was mainly among male (74.3%), those over 60 aged (27.2%) and under 4 aged (26.8%). 19.2% of brain injury cases did not wear helmets. Drinking-driving among RTI accounted for 8.8%. RTI involved motorcycle accounted for 66.2%. Injury data were different between different ministries. In the 6 first months of 2009, health sector reported 68.510 hospitalised RTI cases while the Ministry of Transportation reported only 5.127 RTI cases.

Conclusions Injury is a major health problem in Vietnam. Injury surveillance system provides information data for decision making, planning and interventions. However, injury data from different sectors should be united and integrated.

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