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Skydiving culture and its relation to injury risks and injury reporting
  1. M Sjling*,
  2. A Westman,
  3. B I Saveman
  1. Correspondence Department of Health Sciences, Mid-Sweden University Campus, Kroken SE-85170 Sundsvall, SE-85170, Sweden


This article explores some aspects of the Swedish skydiving culture and its relation to injury risks and injury reporting. The reference frame emerging from the analyses encompasses experiences of joy, passion and playfulness; and of injury, suffering and death. For the individual the risk of injury is viewed as an integrated element of the recreational activity, counterbalanced by its recreational value. From the findings we suggest that Swedish skydiving culture on an organisational level is carried by the local club; not the national association. Though the association has far-reaching powers over the clubs, skydiving culture at the local drop zone and formal and informal hierarchical structures among skydivers are what really decide how rules are enforced, and if incidents and injuries are reported.

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