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Focus group research mothers perception × accidents reality
  1. F Riccie,
  2. A Franoia*
  1. Correspondence Crianca Segura Safe Kids Brasil, Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 1020, Conj. 1008, Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, SP, 04506-050, Brazil


The study hereby presented, was developed in 2008. The goal was to analyse the differences between the perception of the mothers related to childhood non-intentional injury prevention and the reality of the numbers of deaths. The source was with 16 groups of mothers of children 0–14 years old, from low and middle income families in four cities (Recife, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba) in 2008; and a mortality and morbidity data analyses from Ministry of Health/DATASUS (2005). These studies were compared and revealed important differences between the perception and the numbers of non-intentional injuries related to children. For example, it became evident the lack of knowledge among mothers related to the high incidence of deaths and hospitalisations due to accidents, while numbers shows that accidental injuries are the principal cause of death and the third cause of hospitalisation, to children 1–14 years old. Another matter highlighted by the research was the relation between accidents and violence. According to the study, in general, accidents tend to be perceived by mothers as isolated events and/or less serious than violence. However, numbers shows that in 2005, 7.395 children die victims of external causes (violence + accidents) and 79% of these deaths were due to accidents. In the case of hospitalisations, the percentage was even bigger 93%. The research also has created a great opportunity to generate more visibility to the cause, being publicised in more than 30 communication medias, local and nationals.

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