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Understanding the injury prevention resource and learning needs of family resource centres
  1. P Fuselli*,
  2. S Lockhart,
  3. K Belton
  1. Correspondence Safe Kids Canada/The Hospital for Sick Children, 180 Dundas Street West Suite 2105, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Z8, Canada


The Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) offer support services to at-risk Canadian families with children ages 0–6 years.

The objectives of this project are to assess the needs of CAPC/CPNP in terms of delivering programmes on injury prevention to families across Canada. Working through an Advisory Committee, we will complete a literature review on effectiveness of such programmes in reducing injuries, conduct surveys and meetings/focus groups to determine the needs of CAPC/CPNP as well as the families they serve. We will create a report which will include our key findings, as well as an analysis of the results, and our recommendations for future resource and training needs of CAPC/CPNP.

The expected results of the project are, the CAPC/CPNP national office will have, within a population health approach

  1. A clear understanding of the current involvement of CAPC/CPNP projects across Canada in the prevention of childhood injury (activities undertaken and resources used).

  2. A clear understanding of diverse needs of these projects for resources and training to better equip them to address the prevention of injury in babies and young children with their participants.

  3. CAPC/CPNP projects, provincial and national injury prevention organisations will have a better understanding of each others programmes and resources and how they may better work together on this mutual goal.

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