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Splinters and fragments
  1. Anara S Guard

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The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine has released a special themed issue on ‘lifestyle medicine and injury prevention’. For a period of time, the issue will be available online without charge Article topics include older adult fall prevention, preventing opioid drug overdoses, the role of supervision in preventing child injuries, patient counselling, human factors, and more. Many of the reviews have been co-authored by programme staff of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control with other researchers and practitioners from the field.

▶ Various authors. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 2010 (available free fulltext).

Guns are a divisive issue in America; one of the many points of contention is whether arming one's self increases one's risk or protection. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania set out to examine the relationship between being injured with a gun in an assault and possession of a gun at the time of the incident. This population-based case-control study of more than 3000 shootings in Philadelphia found that gun possessors were 4.46 times more likely to be shot in an assault than persons who did not have a gun. The authors point out that ‘although successful defencive gun uses can and do occur, the findings…do not support the perception that such successes are likely’.

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