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Before their time: the world of child labor
  1. Kimberly J Rauscher
  1. University of North Carolina, Injury Prevention Research Center, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA; Kimberly_Rauscher{at}

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David L Parker. Published by Quantuck Lane Press, New York, 2007, US$35.00. ISBN 9781593720247

The scourge of child labor has recently resurfaced in the media as it does from time to time, holding our interest until the next news cycle when our attention is diverted to the next big news story. For millions of children, there is no such diversion. Child labor is the story of their lives. In his new book, Before their time: the world of child labor, Dr David Parker’s compelling photographs confront us with the intimate realities of contemporary third-world child labor and the faces behind the news stories.

The book contains 134 black and white photographs documenting the wide range of work activities and working conditions of young children in developing nations. It is organized into industry-specific chapters in which a dozen or so images are preceded by a brief overview of the main types of work performed, the hazards they present, and their attendant health effects. For example, in …

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