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Remembering the victims
  1. David C Schwebel
  1. Dr D C Schwebel, Department of Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1300 University Blvd, CH 415, Birmingham, AL 35294, USA; schwebel{at}

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On a clear evening last spring, 7-month-old Chloe Collar was safely buckled into her car seat as her parents began a 5-hour drive to a holiday resort on the beach.

The first several hours of the drive were uneventful; Chloe slept peacefully. But as they approached their destination the family’s car, stopped at a red light, was pummeled from behind. The other driver was drunk. Both Chloe’s parents suffered injuries. Young Chloe was killed.

Three months later, as Chloe’s family began to regain some sense of normalcy, disaster struck again. Chloe’s 20-year-old cousin Kayla Fanaei went to a party, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Kayla stopped her car in the well-lit parking lot of an elementary school to complete a telephone call. There, she was approached by three strangers who murdered Kayla as she tried to drive away. The family again grieved a victim of injury.

In isolation, the deaths of Chloe and Kayla are tragic …

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