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With a song in my heart, the last word

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Reminiscences and anticipations

Twenty-five years ago while we were on sabbatical in London, my wife gave me a clarinet for my 50th birthday. An excellent teacher helped me to quickly fall in love with the instrument. She explained that my terrible timing offset a surprisingly good tone. Nevertheless, I enjoyed practising and made reasonably good progress. Over the past 13 years, however, as editor of this Journal, I have had less and less time to devote to my beloved “licorice stick”.

Figure 1 Practising the clarinet.

Thus, one of the many benefits of concluding my term as editor is that editing can no longer serve as a bad excuse for not practising more regularly. Another benefit is the time I’ll have to listen to more jazz and opera and to tackle the stack of books I intend to read, some for the second or third time. I’ve also begun writing a children’s book, which I don’t expect will quite match Harry Potter in sales. So, I’m counting on my fellow editors and all happy contributors to buy a copy. Above all, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my children and …

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