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Comings and goings, Hail and Farewell!

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Departure of a cherished leader and introduction of our new editor


This journal was the brainchild of Mike Hayes who came up with the idea while I was on sabbatical in London in 1994. We discussed the matter, and, as I recall, the next step was for him to take it to Alex Williamson, whose title at the time was Specialty Journals Manager. In typical fashion, she asked a number of tough, intelligent questions. Alex was cautiously receptive to this unusual suggestion just as she has been to most new and challenging ideas. It was only after the International Conference in Atlanta that she decided to fully support our bid. About 50 colleagues gathered one night in a small, hot hotel meeting room to discuss the suggestion. I believe it was the enthusiasm and almost unanimous agreement that the field desperately needed a journal of quality that persuaded her. It …

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