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It is with deep regret that we inform readers that the former and founding Editor of Accident Analysis and Prevention, Frank Haight, has died. Frank was a good friend to Injury Prevention and on several occasions he sent helpful (and usually amusing) critiques of an issue. Frank was an avid reader and often quoted the New York Review of Books. In his last email to me he concluded, "I hope you are deluged with manuscripts, as I am." Yes, we are, Frank, thanks to your pioneering work in this field.

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Gottlobe Fabisch, after six successful years as Secretary-General of ANEC, the European Consumer Voice in Standardization, has resigned to set up her own business. She left ANEC at the end of September 2006.

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Tessa Sturley has taken over as the Injury Prevention Co-ordinator for Injury Prevention Waimakariri based at the Waimakariri District Council, north of Christchurch, New Zealand. Over the past 2 years, Tessa has been involved in some contract work for Injury Prevention Waimakariri, including the delivery of the Under-five Falls programme, a poisons campaign and some road safety work. She can be contacted at +64 (0)3 313 6136 or


In the June 2006 issue of CEN Networking from the European standards body, it was noted that during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, the safety of players and spectators cannot be left to chance, and that experts from CEN’s 29 national members have, among others, developed standards for the safety requirements of football goals. At the beginning of July, during the World Cup tournaments, a 13-year-old Belgian girl died when a moveable soccer goal fell on her head. This is not the first fatal accident of this kind to have happened. In the European Union, several children have …

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