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  1. I B Pless
  1. Correspondence to:
 Professor I B Pless
 Editor; barry.pless{at}

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Developments in Durban

I was very sorry to have to miss the World Conference in Durban; my absence was due to a family health problem. I realise that for many of those who did attend, the trip was a long and costly one. Their dedication and sacrifice deserves recognition.

From what I have learned from the emails I have received, the conference was judged to be quite successful, especially with respect to involving those from Africa and the Middle East to a much greater extent than has been possible in the past. It also appears that some key policy makers from these countries were present which, in contrast with previous conferences, is another major positive.

The emails I received, however, included many critical comments about the organization of the meeting, the registration fee, …

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