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Incidence of trampoline related pediatric fractures in a large district general hospital in the United Kingdom: lessons to be learnt
  1. K K Bhangal,
  2. D Neen,
  3. R Dodds
  1. Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Miss K K Bhangal
 Flat 1, 1 Langdon Park Road, Highgate, London N6 5PS, UK; kkbhangal{at}


Aim: To test the observation that the incidence of trampoline related pediatric fractures is increasing—both nationally and in a large district general hospital.

Method: A retrospective analysis was undertaken of patient records establishing mechanism of injury of pediatric fractures over three consecutive summers from 2000–03. Theatre records of fractures treated operatively were used as the initial data source.

Results: A statistically significant increase in trampoline related injuries was discovered. This reflects the rising incidence of injuries from national data and furthermore corresponds to the growing popularity of domestic use trampolines in the UK.

Conclusion: The incidence of injuries is increasing. There are lessons to be learnt from existing work from countries where trampoline prevalence has been greater for longer. The authors recommend various safety measures that may reduce children’s injuries.

  • pediatric fractures
  • trampoline

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