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Mixed blessings: an Impact Factor
  1. Barry Pless, editor

    Statistics from

    Although I disapprove of the weight given to Impact Factors (IF) as an indication of the importance of a journal given by some universities, for better or worse, the IF is here to stay. Ours has finally been calculated and the score is 1.359. Not as great as I hoped, but far from shabby. It places Injury Prevention 48th among the 93 journals in the public health section of JCR’s Science edition. In the Social Science section we rank 16th of the 60 journals listed. We are actually ahead of Accident Analysis and Prevention, a journal deservedly considered by many as the leader in the injury field. So all things considered, we are pleased but by no means complacent. I am confident that our rating will increase markedly in the future because of the large number of excellent papers we are now receiving. Thanks to all who have helped us earn this rating…right down to the third decimal place!

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