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Officer, I’m too drunk to drive

A Vermont police officer has described being flagged down by a motorist on a quiet road. “He pulled up behind me, rolled down the passenger side window and said he was looking for a police officer to arrest him”, Ian McCollin, chief of police in Vernon, Vermont, said. “When I asked him why, he replied ‘I’m drunk’”. Since drivers rarely pull over police cruisers, a cautious McCollin called a colleague for backup with an amused “You won’t believe this one”. I also wanted him to hear the story too he said. “I was afraid they’d think I was senile or losing my mind”. McCollin described him as being “very cooperative and polite, unlike your average drunk driver”. Less amusing was the fact that the drunk driver was four times over the legal limit and operating on a suspended licence that had been taken away after a previous drink driving charge (from Sydney Morning Herald, August 2004; submitted by Ian Scott).

Rugby ban for boy aged 11

An 11 year old rugby player has been banned for a year in New Zealand and ordered to take anger management classes after punching an adult referee in a club match. The unnamed player appeared before the Northland Rugby Union’s judicial committee at Whangarei on New Zealand’s North Island today to answer the striking charge from last Saturday’s match. The committee had the power to ban the boy for life but settled on a one year suspension with additional conditions. The player will receive anger management counselling and will be given a “referee buddy” to gain a greater understanding of rugby rules. The committee heard the player attacked the referee after being ordered off in a junior match on Saturday. He had run toward the referee and attempted to punch and kick him, but was restrained and led from the field by team officials (from Associated Press; submitted by Ian Scott).