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Belt up or else?

The Delaware General Assembly is to consider a teen seatbelt bill that would revoke the driver’s license of any 16 or 17 year old found not wearing their seatbelt when driving. The teen drivers would then not be able to drive unless a parent were present for a period of six months. It is reported that the concept is “not popular” among teenagers but that the target group acknowledge it would be a powerful incentive (Delaware State News, 10 March 2004, submitted by Ian Scott; from The CDC Public Health Law News, March 2004).

Driving blind in Israel

Israel’s embarrassed Transport Ministry has admitted that 2385 people who carry cards signifying they are legally blind have also been issued with valid driver licences (submitted by Ian Scott; from The Age (Melbourne), February 2004).

Good samaritan drives without license

A Darwin (Australia) man caught driving without a licence told police he was urgently delivering condoms to his cousin. Fined $100, he was described by a magistrate as “better than the Good Samaritan” (submitted by Ian Scott; from The Age (Melbourne), March 2004).