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Reducing assaults

A new approach to reducing alcohol related assaults and other antisocial behaviours in inner city entertainment precincts has been announced in Melbourne, Australia. During the one year trial period, hospitals will be encouraged to transfer information directly to police when people present to hospitals with injuries sustained at entertainment venues. The project will establish a database of incidents to enable police to track trends and to follow up with licensees to provide additional information from security camera film and other records. Police will “work with licensees to ensure that appropriate guidelines, training and staff were put in place” (contributed by Jan Shield, from The Age (Melbourne), January 2004).

Trolley crash tests

An Australian insurance group, the NRMA, has conducted what it believes to be the world’s first shopping trolley crash test on behalf of the insurance industry. The report was commissioned after it was found that abandoned or runaway trolleys cause about Aus$1 million (US$ 750 000) damage to cars each year (contributed by Ian Scott, from The Age (Melbourne), November 2003. Ian comments that the report makes no mention of the long standing issue of child falls from trolleys).

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