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Factors associated with correct bicycle helmet use: A systematic review of the literature
Rene Shannon Lee, Brent Hagel, Mohammed Karkhaneh, and Brian Rowe

Patterns of Nonfatal Injury among Left-behind Children, Hubei Province, People's Republic of China
Min Shen, Senbei Yang, Juan Han, Junxin Shi, Yukai Du, and Lorann Stallones

Identifying Predictors of Medically-Attended Injuries to Young Children: Do Child and Parent Attributes Matter?
Barbara A Morrongiello, Michael Corbett, and Robert J Brison

Nonfirearm-Related Homicide � New Mexico, 2001�2003
Niloufar Neely Kazerouni, Nina Shah, Sarah Lathrop, and Michael G. Landen

Effectiveness of a Community-based Multifaceted Fall Prevention Intervention in Active and Independent Elderly Chinese Adults
Qinghua Xia, Yu Jiang, Chuanxi Tang, Chunjing Niu, and Zhaolin Xia

Examining differential risk of employment in more physically demanding jobs among a recent cohort of immigrants to Canada
Peter M Smith, Cynthia Chen, and Cam Mustard

Urban Minority Youth Swimming (In)Ability in the United States and Associated Demographic Characteristics: Toward a Drowning Prevention Plan
Carol C Irwin, Richard L Irwin, Timothy D Ryan, and Joris Drayer

Recent trends in television tip over-related injuries among children aged zero to nine years
Kenny J Murray, Russell Griffin, Loring W Rue, and Gerald McGwin

Karen Pfeffer and Jane Orum

Population-based estimates of injuries in Sri Lanka
Kumari V Navaratne, Pushpa Fonseka, Lalani Rajapakshe, Lakshmi Somatunga, Shanthi N Ameratunga, Rebecca Q Ivers, and Rakhi Dandona

Are school zones effective? An examination of child pedestrian�vehicular crashes near schools
Joel M Warsh, Linda Rothman, Morgan Slater, Craig Steverango, and Andrew Howard

Validation of a HOME Injury Survey
Kieran J Phelan, Jane Khoury, Yingying Xu, and Bruce P Lanphear

A comparison of booster seat use in Canadian provinces with and without legislation
Anne W. Snowdon, Linda Rothman, Morgan Slater, Carol Kolga, Abdul Hussein, Paul Boase, and Andrew William Howard

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The role of alcohol in unintentional falls among young and middle-aged adults: A systematic review of epidemiological studies
Bridget Kool, Shanthi Ameratunga, and Rod Jackson

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A randomized controlled feasibility trial of alcohol consumption and the ability to appropriately use a firearm
Brendan G. Carr, Douglas J. Wiebe, Therese S. Richmond, Rose A. Cheney, and Charles C. Branas

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Variation in injury risk over the course of a two day youth club soccer tournament
Daryl A Rosenbaum, Matthew L Silvis, and Joel E Williams

Acute and Usual Drinking among Emergency Trauma Patients: A Study on Alcohol Consumption and Injury Patterns
Herv� Kuendig, Marie Hasselberg, Gerhard Gmel, Jean-Bernard Daeppen, and Lucie Laflamme

Injury Patterns at U.S. and Canadian Overnight Summer Camps: First Year of the Healthy Camp Study
Eric J. Goldlust, Edward Walton, Rachel Stanley, Ellen Yard, Barry Garst, R. Dawn Comstock, Linda Ebner Erceg, and Rebecca Cunningham

Prevention Factors for Suicide Ideation among Abused Pre/early Adolescent Youths
Joseph E. Logan

Mortality due to injuries by place of occurrence in the European Region: analysis of data quality in the WHO mortality database
In�s Su�rez-Garc�a, Dinesh Sethi, and Andrew Hutchings

Booster seat laws and child fatalities: a case-control study
Pamela Farmer, Andrew Howard, Linda Rothman, and Alison Macpherson

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New Zealand Drivers Study: a follow-up study of newly licensed drivers
John Langley, Dorothy Begg, John Broughton, Rebecca Brookland, Shanthi N Ameratunga, and Anna Mcdowell

Prospective Outcomes of Injury Study
John Langley, Sarah Derrett, Brendan Hokowhitu, Shnathi Ameratunga, Gabrielle Davie, Emma Wyeth, Rebbecca Lilley, and Paul Hansen

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