Table 4

Results of regression models, comparing the frequency and cost of claims in the intervention class to historical controls

CoefficientSE β95% CIp Value
Injury freq.—during RA−0.520.42−1.34 to 0.300.212
Injury freq.—probationary year−1.430.60−2.61 to −0.250.018
Injury—overall−0.890.34−1.55 to −0.220.009
Exercise-related injury (overall)−0.230.51−1.22 to 0.770.658
Claims frequency−0.790.36−1.50 to −0.0880.028
Claims cost*−0.140.058−0.26 to −0.0260.016
  • *Costs compared using linear GEE model with gamma distribution and log link, clustered on recruit class.

  • All other outcomes (injury and claims frequency) compared using Poisson GEE model, clustered on recruit class.

  • (eβ1—1)×100=13% reduction in claims costs, comparing intervention group to controls.

  • GEE, generalised estimated equations; RA, recruit academy.