Table 6

Summary of estimated costs and benefits of the PFF-Fit programme (in US dollars)

Programme costsProgramme benefits
Personnel costsUS$21 587.80WC claims
Overtime costsUS$9792.50 ▸ Mean cost per claim: 1737×22.72—US$6679×22.72 avoided claimsUS$32 786
Dietician contractorUS$661.90 ▸ mean cost per recruit: −1033×32 recruitsUS$33 056
Programme materialsUS$150.00
Total estimated costsUS$32 192.20Approximate total benefitsUS$33 000
(Claims cost reduction—programme cost)/ programme costReturn on investment2.4%
(33 000–32 192)/32 192 
  • PFF-Fit, Probationary Firefighter Fitness programme; WC, workers’ compensation.