Table 5

Summary of costs of the PFF-Fit programme, presented in 2013 (US dollars)

Programme supervisionNo. of personnelHours/weekNo. of weeksTotal hoursHourly wagesBenefits*Overhead costs†Total costs‡Cost type
Safety and Health Captain162615637.5712.029.399200.88Personnel
RANo. of personnelHours/weekNo. of weeksTotal hoursHourly wages§BenefitsOverhead costsTotal costsCost type
RA PFT152010016.635.324.162611.00Personnel
Visiting PFT–M/W/F workouts262024024.957.986.249400.80Overtime
Visiting PFT—once monthly run day1251024.957.986.24391.70Overtime
Probationary yearNo. of personnelHours/visitNo. of visitsTotal hoursHourly wages§BenefitsOverhead costsTotal costsCost category
PFT—station visits with probationary firefighters2724819.786.334.956708.96Personnel
Personnel—otherNo. of personnelPrep. hoursInterv. hoursTotal hoursHourly rateMileageBenefits and overheadTotal costs¶Cost category
Programme materialsBinders
Total programme costs 
 21 587.80Personnel
US$32 192.20Total
  • *TFD calculates benefits as 32% of the hourly wage rate.

  • †Overhead costs were estimated at an additional 25% of hourly wages.

  • ‡Total costs=number of personnel×total hours×(hourly wages+benefits+overhead).

  • §TFD estimates the base hourly rate for the rank of firefighter to be US$16.63; engineers/paramedics, US$19.78; captains, US$22.93. Overtime wage rates are 1.5 times base hourly. PFTs with the rank of firefighter were selected for assignment to the RA. The median overtime wage rate (engineers/paramedics) was used to estimate costs of the instation visits during the probationary year.

  • ¶Nutritionist total cost=(total hours×hourly rate)+mileage.

  • TFD, Tucson Fire Department; PFF-Fit, Probationary Firefighter Fitness programme; PFT, peer fitness trainers; RA, recruit academy.