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Economic and health consequences in women subject to intimate partner abuse
  1. L Avila1,
  2. A Barroso1,
  3. G Rivera 2,
  4. G Salinas3,
  5. B Aracena1,
  6. L Cahuana1
  1. 1Instituto Nacional de Salud Päblica (INSP). Centro de Investigaciän en Sistemas Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico; 2Secretaräa de Salud. Unidad de Anälisis Econämico, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico; 3INSP. Centro de Investigaciän en Evaluaciän, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


Background Intimate partner abuse (IPA) has inter-generational effects, cause emotional and physical harm; in addition, affect the women's financial lives. Latin American studies have estimated that at least 30% of GDP is lost due to IPA. In Mexico there has been no official estimate of the economic cost associated with IPA.

Objective To analyse the effects and socio-economic costs of IPA in Mexico.

Methodology Data from The 2006 National Survey on Violence against Women (ENVIM II) was used. The Severe Intimate Partner Abuse Index identified physical injuries in women (ages>14) who sought Mexican public health services. Out-of-pocket expenses for injures care were calculate. Lost work days due to IPA were measured and given a monetary value using multivariate imputation models. Likewise, income loss due to IPA was estimated using Propensity Score Matching.

Results A total of 18 046 women were interviewed. 30% reported partner violence during the previous year. Of those, one third suffered one or more physical lesions and only one third of them sought medical attention. The average medical care expenditure per subject was $50 USD. Nearly 3% of those abused reported missing at least one work day during the previous year as a consequence of IPA. For the year under study, the total number of work days lost was 7003 (378 700 USD). The total effects of IPA on lost income are still under study.

Conclusions IPA has important social costs. Therefore policies and additional resources should be directed to the prevention and abatement of this serious social problem.

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