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Trauma 2+2=5
  1. H Marques*
  1. Correspondence to Hospital S Joo / Universidade Catlica Portugesa, Rua de Entre Campos n 141, E5, 1 Dr Tras 4410-180 S. Felix da Marinha Vila Nova de Gaia Oporto, 4410-180, Portugal


An injury is the physical damage that results when a human body is suddenly subjected to energy in amounts that exceed the threshold of physiological tolerance, or the result of the lack of one or more vital elements, such as oxygen. Ec=mv2. This energy could be mechanical, thermal, chemical or radiant. Every day in the WHO European Region, injuries kill over 2000 people, put 60 000 in hospital and necessitate outpatient emergency treatment for 60 0000. They are the main cause of death for people aged up to 45 years. Evidence on road traffic injuries, drownings, poisonings, falls, fires, self-inflicted injuries and interpersonal violence indicates that they can be studied, predicted and prevented. All citizens can play an important role in the optimisation of resources and care, as health active agents, agents of civil protection and potential victims. Trauma 2+2=5 is a pedagogical tool that exposes the reality of a trauma centre in order to contribute to Mitigation, preparation, response and recovery of injuries and violence. Trauma 2+2=5 because everything that can be explained can be prevented.

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