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75th Road Safety Congress

22–24 February 2010, Stratford upon Avon, UK. The theme of the event is Around the world in 2½ days: lessons for the UK. Further information:

19th International Safe Communities Conference

23–26 March 2010, Suwon, Korea. The theme of the conference is Sustainability of safe community programmes. For information, contact jpcho{at}

Lifesavers 2010

11–13 April 2010, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Further information:

Plunket Child Car Restraint Conference

22–23 April 2010, Auckland, New Zealand. At the conference organised by the Plunket Society will be international and national speakers, groups and individuals from around New Zealand showcasing child car restraint programmes. For further information, contact Sue Campbell, sue.campbell{at}

2nd European Regional Safe Community Conference

19–20 May 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland. This conference incorporates the 7th Nordic Conference on Safe Communities. The theme is How to develop safe communities in Europe using the Nordic experiences, re-establishing a European network of safe communities. Further information:

2nd South Eastern Europe Safe Community Conference

15–17 September 2010, Sibenik, Croatia. Further information:

Safety 2010: 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control

21–24 September 2010, London, UK. The key theme of the conference is Safe and equitable communities, chosen because levels of almost all types of injuries fall more heavily on poorer communities. Such differences are apparent both within countries, between countries and even between global regions. While there is a clear pressure to make all communities safe, the conference will draw special attention to the need to consider equity in prioritising actions and identifying those most at need and most likely to benefit from safety initiatives. For further information, to submit an abstract and to register, visit

World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2011

10–13 May 2011, Danang, Vietnam. The conference will be hosted by the Royal Life Saving Society Australia with support from The Alliance for Safe Children. Further information:

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